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The Problem with Pinterest

Problem with pinterest

and other heavily female trafficked social media sites.


I was setting up The Mindful Hustle on Pinterest the other day and found myself prickling at, what I perceived to be, some latent sexism. Let me explain: I was creating a board called “Financial” and in addition to naming it,  Pinterest prompted me to further categorize the board using a list of pre-defined subjects.

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I scrolled to “F” for finance. Nope, not there, what about “M” for money? Strike two. Scroll back up to “B” maybe, for budget? No again! There was the very broad category of  “education” and I suppose I could have used that,  but instead I opted for “other.”

Now. At its core, Pinterest is a hobby site with a predominantly female user base. An aspirational place to organize recipes, outfits and day dream about crazy adult bunk beds we’ll never build.   Did the developers of Pinterest consciously decide there was no room in their virtual candy-land for such a topic? Or did they make the assumption women aren’t interested in finance and therefore exclude it as a category? 

To Pinterest’s credit, there were plenty of non-stereotypical “girl” categories like Science, Technology, History, and Architecture, but the glaring lack of “finance” left me feeling pigeonholed.  “You’re a girl, you wear pink, like shopping, and couldn’t be bothered to know what the S&P 500 is.”

I also take issue with Bloglovin. About a year ago when I started this journey into financial awareness, my tactic was to add a few finance blogs to my feed. There I encountered the same problem: no finance category. I managed to find a few by searching keyword “finance” but ultimately even those blogs weren’t what what I was looking for. Too soft hitting, constantly regurgitating the same advice to cut out your daily latte to save money. What do you do when you’re already making your coffee at home?

The same query performed today yielded more results than last year, so I believe we’re headed in the right direction. But it’s crazy to think someone like Dave Ramsey or the Financial Samurai, websites with readership in the hundreds of thousands, only have a few hundred followers through Bloglovin.

I suppose I get understand the WHY of it. For a lot of us, finance isn’t fun. Our bank accounts are meager, our debts are high; why impose the stress of money into the wonder world of Pinterest and Bloglovin? But I believe there should be a place for it in these feminine behemoths of social media, and in our minds. Something women aspire to master and understand, along with having the perfect wardrobe or a beautifully decorated home, and not relegated to the realm of “other.” And that’s our goal here on The Mindful Hustle. So what do you think? Will you create a Finance Pinterest board? How about finding (another) finance blog to follow?



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