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In and Out Report: April

The in and out report is an accountability tally of allllll the things I’ve brought into my lil one bedroom apartment and conversely, a list of all the things I took out.  My goal is to net 0 or better yet, export more than I import.

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GSD Week of May 2

Better late than never. Sunday and Monday were both hectic hence the delay. Ready for the week, my friends.

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No Spend May

Ay chihuahua. I sat down and evaluated my spending from February-April and oh man, I am waaaaay too kind to myself. “Another pair of shoes madam?” Oh don’t mind if I do. “Don’t worry, they’re for work!” I rationalize internally. Given the fact I could get away with wearing scrub pants and no one would bat an eyelash, I ought to stop investing in clothes for the sake of work. No I don’t work at a hospital. I work in an office setting that is not even medical adjacent. So yeah, business casual with lots of liberties in the dress code.

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The Problem with Pinterest

Problem with pinterest

and other heavily female trafficked social media sites.


I was setting up The Mindful Hustle on Pinterest the other day and found myself prickling at, what I perceived to be, some latent sexism. Let me explain: I was creating a board called “Financial” and in addition to naming it, Pinterest prompted me to further categorize the board using a list of pre-defined subjects.

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GSD Week of April 25

I promise one day I will post something other than GSD lists. Today is not that day.

How did I do last week? Not too shabby. By the end of the week I had added and crossed off a few more items, and the only things that rolled over into this week are in CAPS. I am effectively yelling at myself. Car stuff is just….so…..blah.

I also added two new long term goals under GSD 2016! As always you can find the updated daily version here.

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GSD Week of April 18

As I mentioned before, my GSD list is renewed every Monday. Sometimes (like this week) it looks a lot like the week before because I did not follow my own advice and Get. Shit. Done. Shame on me! Follow along here as it gets updated throughout the week. Hopefully I will be able to cross a few more things off. Otherwise see list below.

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It Starts with a “To Do” List

Or as I affectionately refer to it, my “Get Sh*t Done” list.

Every Monday I create a new one. Sometimes I’m able to cross everything off by Sunday. Most times I’m not.  But the best part is: I no longer forget altogether the things I’ve been meaning to do.

This week’s list:

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