The Mindful Hustle

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GSD Week of May 2

Better late than never. Sunday and Monday were both hectic hence the delay. Ready for the week, my friends.

  • RIDE BIKE HOME FROM BIKE LOCKER AT WORK (Three weeks I’ve been meaning to do this. Last week the weather was too crappy to attempt it so perhaps this week will be the charm) I am setting a date for this. Lets say Thursday.
  • Shred documents currently in garage locker (Week #2 on the list. Whoops.) Get them out of garage Monday night! and put back in car to take to shredder
  • Exchange shoe polish at target for saddle soap which is what you actually meant to buy
  • Resume reading “One Up on Wall Street”
  • Look for prescription from primary care physician and compare it to one from Dermatologist
  • Pray car’s AC starts working again. If not successful by end of the week, need to go get this quoted to fix. SunnuvaBword.


  • Walk Lennon on Monday
  • Tuesday Dinner at Anderson’s @ 6/6:30
  • Walk Lennon on Wednesday

Shopping list


Month of May

  • IRA, select stocks( lowers his Adjusted Gross Income, and therefore will lower his RPAYE liability) (Chris)
  • Determine best repayment plan for student loans (Chris)

GSD 2016

  • read through the whole bible (3-5 pages a night) progress: page 164/1063
  • Buy a home (start looking in August)
  • Renew passport
  • Consider signing up with Uber or Lyft to make extra $/put that money towards fixing up my car

GSD By age of 40

  • net worth $1,000,000 or greater.
  • Be out of Rat Race or have passive income that sustains me so it’s optional
  • Establish a scholarship in Dara’s name for local school.
  • Split time between US and a Spanish speaking country
  • Study latin

Purchase wants

  • Kitchen scale  I am removing this from the list. I haven’t had use for one in awhile.   
  • Black belt and try black pants from Everlane
  • spiralizer
  • domino magazine Buy one at grocery store first before comitting to subscription to see if you want this. Do this in June after the No Buy Month ends. 
  • Bed frame not until you buy your own house 
  • Rolling personal item


No Spend May


In and Out Report: April