As I mentioned before, my GSD list is renewed every Monday. Sometimes (like this week) it looks a lot like the week before because I did not follow my own advice and Get. Shit. Done. Shame on me! Follow along here as it gets updated throughout the week. Hopefully I will be able to cross a few more things off. Otherwise see list below.

GSD Week of April 18
take car to get rust situation looked at
Put new registration sticker on car
Get car cleaned
Oil Change
Put bike in bike locker back together and ride it home
FSA, see if it is an available option for him
IRA, select stocks( lowers his Adjusted Gross Income, and therefore will lower his RPAYE liability)
RPAYE (student loans)
Mindful Hustle
Finish editing about us section, send to Re for review
Clean bedroom
Put away big box of mysterious cords

Walk Lennon on Wednesday/Friday

Shopping list
Cat food
GSD 2016
read through the whole bible (3-5 pages a night)
Buy a home (start looking in August)

GSD By age of 40
net worth $1,000,000 or greater.
Be out of Rat Race or have passive income that sustains me so it’s optional
Establish a scholarship in Dara’s name for local school.
Split time between US and a Spanish speaking country
Study latin

Purchase wants
Kitchen scale
Black belt (Everlane)
domino magazine subscription
Bed frame
Rolling personal item