I’m back with a short to-do list for this week. Life has settled back down to normal since last Monday and for that I am grateful. I was able to knock off the remaining items since the last time I posted my GSD List and am back with a totally new tasks.

I am only including this week’s To Do’s instead of my usual Monthly/Yearly/10 year goals because I am short on time (and also it probably gets redundant seeing those weekly.)

  • Watching Rex through Thursday
  • Make Pot roast Monday when you get home
  • Swim on Tuesday or Thursday, or both if you’re feeling bold.
  • Put Poang chairs away in loft
  • Catch up Bible reading (30 pages)
  • Put motivation book on Kindle to read during lunches
  • Monday night: pack for training class (tissues, water bottle, edamame for snack in Ziploc bag) Note: I am away from my usual office this week and all of the comforts of my cubicle I am sorely missing. Never thought I would miss my cubicle.

Hope you have a wonderful, productive week! Go Get Shit Done!