I woke up four months shy of my 30th birthday and realized my life wasn’t bad. Not a tremendous revelation, but “not bad” was not what I had imagined for myself. At 22 I fell into a 9-5 office job and eight years later I was still there coasting along. I was in decent financial shape but not awesome.

There has always been an underlying voice nagging, “You should be doing something more. Something better. Something different.” But then I’d get distracted by Netflix, Facebook or some other social media time-suck and forget all about those feelings of malaise. There was nothing intentional about the way I was spending my time or my money. And those things added up to an unintentional life.

I would occasionally attempt to turn off autopilot and take control of my life. I joined Mint and never adhered to the budgets I established, created countless excel spreadsheets and similarly never utilized them, went to a financial advisor who attempted to sell me $400/month in life insurance I didn’t need, signed up to take the LSAT and then chickened out, signed up for 10 classes of yoga and let the bulk of the classes expire. So many false starts.

I had always liked the idea of going to a financial advisor to help me gain better control over my finances, but when they’re trying to sell you stuff that you don’t need, it doesn’t make it too appealing. My friend uses a very efficient financial advisor. They are very good at what they do, and they can always fit her in when she wants a bit of advice. But I think that might be because they use somewhere like LeadJig and their appointment setting services, (https://www.leadjig.com/appointment-setting-services-for-financial-advisors/) to make space for her and their other clients. But it’s worked for her. Since she’s been visiting her advisor, her finances have become so much better, and she’s always recommending them to me, so I may have to take her up on that offer. I’d rather that than going to one who tries to sell me life insurance that I don’t need.

The Mindful Hustle is my effort, written down and published for the internet to see how I will hold myself accountable for my own life and the day by day work it requires to set and achieve goals. My current goal is to work on my career while also take steps to become a writer on the side – as well as maintain this blog, of course. I have recently sent my query letter off for a Query letter review then I’m going to send it off to some publishers, I have looked into courses that would develop my career skills and have officially started blogging… so we’re off to a pretty good start! Because I won’t settle for another false start. Mind, body, wallet. We’re all about to get in shape. Just you watch!